We work with a wide variety of high net worth families and entrepreneurs along with their advisors to put in place structures that protect and enhance wealth for future generations as well as guard against political risk and economic uncertainty.

With many families and entrepreneurs having an increasing global footprint, effective wealth structuring that allows them to protect and enhance their wealth has never been more important.

Wealth structuring, however, can be a complex topic to navigate.  From the choice of structure to the amount of involvement the family wish to have on an ongoing basis and cross-border taxation issues, it is essential that clients receive good advice before putting a structure in place.

At HIGHVERN we work closely with our clients to ensure that any structure is right for their needs and that they fully understand the nature of the structure. Often we will work with highly experienced lawyers and tax advisors to achieve this.

One of the first decisions that will need to be made is whether the client wishes to use a Trust, Foundation, Company or Partnership to structure their wealth.The right wealth structure is likely to depend upon a combination of factors unique to the family including the reason for putting a structure in place, the type of assets that will be placed into the structure and where the client is resident. At HIGHVERN, we have considerable experience of working with a wide variety of clients that helps us to find the right solution.

Our Guide to Wealth Structuring provides a helpful introduction to the different structures available to you.

Key Features

Establishing and administering robust wealth structures
Provision of trustee and director services
Succession planning & family governance
Facilitating family business succession
Structuring a wide variety of asset classes
Working with leading asset managers, lawyers and tax advisors

Key Contact

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Group Director & Head of Private Wealth

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