Whether in a pure corporate environment or within a fiduciary structure, as a company grows and/or internationalises, with HIGHVERN’s expertise alongside we can help ensure the robustness of decision making and how to navigate today’s increasing demands of the corporate governance framework.

Benefiting from a number of professionally qualified staff, HIGHVERN will work alongside your business to help ensure that overall goals for a corporate structure are achieved and that regulatory and legal obligations are met, providing guidance and ongoing support to help underpin good governance.

HIGHVERN can act as either company secretary or take a board position itself, ensuring formal meetings are held at the right frequency, are documented appropriately, and that corporate records are maintained, demonstrating the right degree of discussion and scrutiny. Directors’ duties are many and onerous, so having professionals alongside is highly valuable in an environment in which rules and regulations change frequently.



Key Contact

Daniel Jaffe

Group Head of Institutional Services

+44 (0) 204 5817819