We provide unfettered views into our operations by allowing our clients direct, live access to our systems. Our goal is to provide enhanced control and help our clients to reduce in-house shadowing operations.

At Highvern our teams of senior fund professionals are pioneering new advancements in industry technology, and redefining how we collaborate with clients to ensure exceptional service delivery, whilst providing high levels of transparency which gives control back to our clients. 

At the forefront of Fin-Tech, we use market-leading accounting, investor and data software, while focusing on automation and real time access for our clients.  

We use similar methodologies to how digital innovators like Amazon, Google and Spotify manage their daily flow and delivery of work, and apply this to each client through technology accessible via the cloud.

With cloud-based access to our systems, clients can monitor live all activity their dedicated service team is working on, assign and prioritise tasks to our team, monitor progress and drill down into every ledger posting, run multiple reports and export data.  

Control is further enhanced through automated workflows and dashboards that make working in tandem with clients’ in-house teams and our director-led teams seamless.

From business as usual activities to transaction management, any information gaps are minimised, reducing the level of shadowing required by our clients and enabling all parties to identify and address issues in a manner far outpacing current industry practices.

All of this provides a high level of transparency and control, and ensures we become a valuable extension of our clients’ back office and an asset to their business.

Key Features

Transparency through real-time systems access
Enhanced control with access to client workflow management
High quality service through detailed custom workflows and technology
Market leading technology, cost efficient solutions
Live access through a secure, dedicated client portal
Highly specialised service delivered by director led teams

Key Contact

Aidan O’Flanagan

Head Of Funds

+44 (0) 1534 480 690