Our teams of senior fund professionals provide a comprehensive regulatory reporting service including MMIF reporting and AIFMD Annex IV reporting, FATCA, Common Reporting Standards, beneficial ownership and control register.

Our compliance and regulatory specialists will proactively help clients navigate the regulatory landscape and remain up to date with new and evolving regulatory requirements, providing guidance and reporting solutions to ensure compliance.

Services include:

  • Annex IV Reporting
  • MMIF reporting 
  • Legal entity analysis and classification on client structures to determine FATCA status 
  • Registrations with IRS/ local tax portals
  • Provision of Responsible Officer/Point of Contacts
  • FATCA/CRS due diligence on new/existing investors 
  • Liaising with clients and investors where there is insufficient data to determine US status (FATCA) / tax residency (CRS)
  • Preparing and liaising with clients and intermediaries to provide self-certifications 
  • FATCA/CRS reporting and audit trails 
  • Beneficial ownership and control reporting
  • Local regulatory reporting and filings

Key Contact

Aidan O’Flanagan

Group Head Of Funds

+44 (0) 1534 480 690