Each jurisdiction has its own procedures, documentary requirements, mandatory processes, fees and regulatory guidelines so navigating the creation of the right corporate vehicle can take time. In the world of increasing regulation, ensuring that a client’s vehicle remains in good standing is essential.

Our team of experienced lawyers, company secretaries and administrators have a detailed working knowledge of the incorporation process. With regular, direct contact with relevant jurisdictional authorities we offer a proactive service in getting your vehicle up and running. We are compliant with all international and local governance regulations which is underpinned by robust Know Your Client (KYC) and anti-money laundering processes. We offer full incorporation services for Jersey companies and, through highly reputable agents, we can also incorporate and administer companies in other jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands etc.

Jersey private limited companies can be created in a fast and simple process and The Companies (Jersey) Law, 1991 does not require a minimum level capital; it can be denominated in any currency, and shares may be issued with or without par value.  As part of our full managed administration, Highvern provides the following services:

  • Incorporation of a Jersey (or other jurisdictional) corporate vehicle 
  • Provision of corporate directors or individual directors
  • Company administration and management
  • Company secretarial services 
  • Acting as Registered Office and Resident Agent 
  • Production of annual financial accounts 
  • Opening and maintaining bank accounts 
  • Provision of an annual substance/regulatory health check

Key Features

Complete range of Jersey and other jurisdictional vehicles
Experienced and knowledgeable specialists
Expert guidance on regulatory / substance requirements
Director, secretary, registered office and accounting
Data security in line with best industry standards
Market-leading technology infrastructure and communications

Key Contact

Naomi Rive

Group Director & Head of Private Wealth

+44 (0) 1534 480 601