Reliable, accurate and timely financial records are the cornerstone of good corporate and fiduciary reporting and record keeping.  Highvern takes care of the end to end process, from core book-keeping to accounts preparation and rigorous review prior to ultimate submission in line with filing deadlines.

Through its team of qualified accountants and technicians Highvern offers a comprehensive suite of book-keeping and accounting services on which clients and advisors may rely.  Working to strict delivery timetables, our accounting teams are familiar with the full range of asset types and accounting treatments required, and can produce financial statements under GAAP or IFRS rules.

For large and complex structures dedicated accounting resource can be requested to ensure continuity of personnel and understanding over time.  Ad hoc trial balance / interim reporting is also available.

Where necessary, beyond typical capital / income segregation requirements additional value-add services are also available.  Accounts may be customised and / or consolidated upon request, thereby enhancing reporting whether to HNWIs, Private Trust Companies, Family Offices or Corporates.



Key Features

Accurate, up to date book-keeping
On time production of accounts
Value-add services available
Range of asset classes and treatments
Filing in line with statutory requirements
Qualified accounting staff

Key Contact

Naomi Rive

Group Director & Head of Private Wealth
+44 (0) 1534 480 601