Ownership of luxury assets such as yachts, private aircraft, classic cars and art is increasing.  Such assets may be acquired for lifestyle reasons or as an investment. Regardless of the motivation, careful consideration should be given to creating a tax efficient ownership structure.

HIGHVERN has the experience of dealing with a wide range of luxury assets including aircraft, motor and sailing vessels, artwork, classic cars and other luxury and heritage assets.  We are familiar with the main issues arising with such specialist assets such as storage, insurance, curatorship and maintenance of provenance. Careful consideration is required, not only of the market sensitivities of holding such assets but also the family’s long-term wishes in relation to retaining, building, selling and funding any collection.

Our structures which will not only safeguard accumulated assets during life will also ensure they are managed appropriately after the original owner’s death and that they can be enjoyed fully, whether aesthetically or financially, by future generations.

Key Features

Establishing robust structures to hold luxury assets
Provision of trustee and directors services
Specialist asset holding & administration services
Book-keeping and accounting services
Close liaison with single / multi family offices
Working with specialist lawyers and tax advisors

Key Contact

Francoise Bougourd


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