At HIGHVERN, we tailor not only the solutions but also the manner in which they are delivered to meet the particular needs and objectives of our clients.

With wealth comes responsibility. A well designed and administered structure to help meet a client’s objectives, be they asset preservation, appropriate planning or succession, is an integral element of successful wealth management. At all stages of the wealth cycle we work closely with our clients and their advisors ensuring that their life’s work and legacy are protected, safeguarding the lifestyles of generations to come.


We have been working with clients for fifty years providing the solutions, expertise and high quality service to help achieve their wealth goals.

High Net Worth

Wealth planning for HNW clients requires a detailed understanding of the many complex legal, tax and reporting issues involved, alongside the long term goals for their wealth.

International Families

Many wealthy families are becoming ever more international as wealth transitions to the next generation. This brings a need to plan carefully, ensuring cross-border compliance.

Family Businesses

Ensuring that ownership of a family business is carefully structured and maintained in order to preserve value is of critical importance in any wealth succession plan.

Business Leaders

Ensuring an effective ownership structure is in place is crucial when setting up any new enterprise, looking to raise capital or exit. Designing incentives & rewards to meet individual needs and objectives is also key. 

Single/Multi Family Offices

At some point, especially when needing access to specific expertise, all single and multi family offices need to consider working with trusted partners in support of their own offering.

Private Capital

Private Capital is becoming an increasingly important source of funding for many venture capital projects but choosing the right partners and undertaking the right due-diligence is key.

“I have rarely seen and worked with a provider so dedicated to its clients and advisors. You do this with a skill level, attention to detail and investment understanding that is certainly at the very highest in the industry.” -


Further Solutions


We deliver comprehensive services to Funds across Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate, Debt, Litigation Funding and Alternative Assets


Specialist company incorporation, administration and governance services lending substance and confidence to corporate growth plans, whatever the sector.