Our teams of senior fund professionals have extensive experience of launching and transitioning from other fund administrators a variety of structures, from regulated funds such as ICAV’s and ILP’s to private funds, co-investment vehicles, joint ventures, carry vehicles and management companies. We have in-depth experience of launching and transitioning funds across Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate, Debt, Litigation Funding and other Alternative Assets.

Our director-led teams will coordinate fund set up as efficiently as possible, guiding clients through the regulatory and administrative processes involved, while project managing all their various advisors. For fund transitions from other administrators, we will proactively project manage each stage of the transition process, from preparing a detailed step plan, data collection and systems integration through to parallel administration and successful handover. We engage with our clients early to ensure efficient transition of accounting data in desired granularity, maintaining historic information if required.

Our highly specialised service is designed to match clients’ specific requirements. From branding their investor portal and tailoring reporting templates to providing real-time access to our systems and developing waterfall models for carry calculations.

Mapping the key requirements from the dozens of applicable laws, regulations, contracts and agreements that impact our clients’ structures, we tie each deliverable to a customised control, building them into technology through tailored workflows to ensure exceptional service delivery continues post fund launch and transition.

Services include:

  • Fund structure implementation
  • Coordinating regulatory application and filing processes
  • Investor compliance and on-boarding
  • Introduction to intermediaries including legal advisers, auditors, tax advisers and independent non-executive directors
  • Bank account opening
  • Data collection and systems integration
  • Parallel valuation period
  • Implementing systems and customised controls and workflows
  • Mapping the risk and compliance framework
  • Accounting systems preparation and configuration based on agreed methodologies 
  • Tailored reporting templates
  • Developing and verifying waterfall models for carried interest programs
  • Launch, closings and equalisations
  • Investor portal configuration and set up
  • Client portal configuration and set up

Key Contact

Aidan O’Flanagan

Head Of Funds

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