It is essential that boards are directed by experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated specialists equipped to focus on the right priorities. With a team of qualified and highly experienced directors, we support our clients in promoting the highest standards of corporate governance.

Maintaining a physical presence in the country of incorporation, carrying out critical activities locally and employing resident directors, are increasingly important parts of being able to demonstrate good governance and economic substance. Working closely with our clients and their professional advisers, we will help design an appropriate and effective solution for board composition and a corporate governance framework.

HIGHVERN can provide board directors who are highly experienced in many sectors and who are able to participate effectively, working to tight deadlines and short timescales. Board attendance can be in person or remotely, as frequently or regularly as required. HIGHVERN prides itself on remaining current with all company and regulatory priorities to enable it to deal with client matters in a timely manner.

In conjunction with our Company Secretary and Registered Office services, this service can extend to the provision of physical space if required, ensuring that meetings and agendas are properly organised and conducted, taking the necessary follow up action to ensure compliance with local rules and regulations, while also taking care of company regulatory filings.

Services include:

  • Provision of corporate or personal directors
  • Drafting accurate minutes of meetings and action lists
  • Safe keeping of company records, documents and filings
  • Review of contracts and financial statements 
  • Establishment and management of banking arrangements
  • Provision of experienced, knowledgeable specialists
  • Good corporate governance & economic substance solutions
  • Management and oversight of service providers

Key Contact

Aidan O’Flanagan

Group Head Of Funds
+44 (0) 1534 480 690