Our teams of senior fund professionals have extensive experience of transitioning private capital funds and structures from other administrators. Combining our expertise with market leading technology, helps ensure the transition to Highvern is made effectively and seamlessly.

From the relatively straightforward to the very complex, we have become transition specialists, successfully project managing numerous transitions of private capital funds, co-investment vehicles, special purpose vehicles, joint ventures, carry vehicles and management companies.

We have in-depth experience of transitioning funds across Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate, Debt, Litigation Funding and other Alternative Assets.

Our director led client service teams will proactively project manage each stage of the transition process for our clients’ funds, from preparing a detailed step plan and data collection and systems integration through to parallel administration and successful handover.¬†

We engage with our clients early to ensure efficient transition of accounting data in desired granularity, maintaining historic information if required.

Working closely with our clients, we will design a highly specialised service to match their specific requirements moving forward into the future. We provide greater transparency and control through real time access to our systems.

To ensure there have been no past deficiencies, we will map the key requirements from the dozens of applicable laws, regulations, contracts and agreements that impact your structures, and perform a gap analysis against data collected. Once completed, we will tie each deliverable to a customised control, building them into technology through tailored workflows to ensure exceptional service delivery post fund transition.

Services include:

  • Detailed and effective transfer timetable
  • Coordinating regulatory and filing processes
  • Knowledge transfer from client and outgoing administrator
  • Data collection and systems integration
  • Accounting systems preparation and configuration based on agreed methodologies¬†
  • Gap analysis and remediation where required
  • Implementing systems and customised controls and workflows
  • Parallel valuation period
  • Mapping the risk and compliance framework
  • Tailored reporting templates
  • Switch bank account mandates
  • Verifying waterfall models for carried interest programs
  • Investor portal configuration and set up
  • Client portal configuration and set up
  • Client workflow configuration and access

Key Features

Extensive experience transitioning from outgoing service providers
Director-led teams project managing the fund transition process
Market leading technology creating a more efficient process
Highly specialised service, designed to match your specific requirements
Control and transparency through real-time systems access
Robust control and operational framework

Key Contact

Aidan O’Flanagan

Head Of Funds

+44 (0) 1534 480 690