Corporate clients require offshore structures for a variety of transactional or ongoing purposes and HIGHVERN offers an extensive suite of support services including provision of expert, local board directorship.

In today’s world of ever-stronger corporate governance, in which legal and regulatory boundaries are prone to frequent change, it is essential that company boards are directed by experienced, knowledgeable specialists equipped to focus on the right priorities.

Maintaining a physical presence in the country of incorporation, carrying out critical activities locally and employing resident directors, are increasingly important parts of being able to demonstrate good governance and economic substance.

HIGHVERN can provide board directors who are highly experienced in many sectors (eg real estate, financial markets, investment funds etc) and able to participate effectively, helping to ensure good governance. Board attendance can be in person or remotely, as frequently or regularly as required.  The service extends to provision of physical space if required, ensuring that the meetings and agendas are properly organised, minutes taken, safe-keeping of records, establishing and conducting banking, reviewing contract / other documentation including approval of financial statements, statutory documentation (M&AA etc) and ensuring compliance with local rules and regulations, eventually taking care of company filings also.

We also understand that many corporate activities are driven to short timescales and, as such, we are very used to operating to such deadlines.  In our experience an effective board usually operates best when the directors maintain an open dialogue, highlighting upcoming matters in a constructive manner.  HIGHVERN both requires and prides itself on remaining current with all company priorities and issues in this way.


Key Contact

Daniel Jaffe

Group Head of Institutional Services
+44 (0) 204 5817819