Whether it is the family business, a precious art collection or a family villa, a private holding company is often the go-to solution. 

Whilst private companies are used throughout the globe as an effective means for the holding of a wide variety of assets and for managing risk, their use in the context of holistic fiduciary solutions can sometimes present difficulties. As non-financial assets that may not produce an investment return some fiduciaries are reluctant to hold them. 

At HIGHVERN we have 50 years of experience of creating and managing fiduciary structures for both private and corporate clients. We understand the important role such assets can play in family balance sheets and have developed a highly flexible and pragmatic approach to administering structures including investments in private companies.

In addition to the direct services provided by our team of lawyers, accountants, trustees and administrators we are able to leverage our extensive network of professional advisors to assist in the management of such assets.

Key Features

Bespoke solutions focused on asset protection and estate planning
Full bookkeeping and accounting
Full regulatory and compliance reporting
Full compliance with Economic Substance requirements
Access to a highly experienced team of professionals
Access to asset-specific professional advisors & managers

Key Contact

Philip Carlton

Client Director

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