Highvern show cases a series of unique photographs to celebrate Jersey’s rich historic and industrial heritage

Highvern is delighted to showcase a collection of unique images which it commissioned recently from local photographer Tom Kennedy, and in conjunction with the generous support of Jersey Heritage. The artwork, printed on aluminium, is now displayed in the client suite and boardroom of Highvern’s offices in St Helier. It is a clear expression of the firm’s distinctiveness as well as its commitment to the local community in which it is based.

Inspired by a visit to La Hougue Bie, one of the Jersey Heritage flagship sites, and where an outstanding selection from the world’s largest hoard of Celtic coins and jewellery is on display, Highvern’s Managing Director, Martin Hall, saw a fascinating parallel. “The hoard lay hidden for around 2,000 years and I was intrigued by the connection between what the artefacts convey from so long ago and what remains such an important part of our lives today. The extraordinary jewellery and coins on display speak of great wealth, skill, and ambition and, as such, while circumstances may have changed, a link remains with how we focus on preserving wealth and nurturing ambitions today. The result of our project is a remarkable collection photographed raking light which evokes both that passage of time and accentuates the beauty, history and textures of the objects themselves. We were delighted with the way in which Tom rose to the challenge we gave him, and grateful that Jersey Heritage saw what we wanted to achieve and worked with us so willingly.”

At the heart of the collection (discovered in Jersey in 2008) are not only gold torques and tribal coins dating back to the Iron Age, but unusual items drawn from Jersey’s past industries, as well as historic documents, and even fashion items, linking Jersey to high society in days gone by.

“The whole process of developing this collection has been a privilege” commented Martin, “as it is also to be surrounded by such evocative pieces in our daily lives. We look forward to publishing more of the images along with some accompanying commentary on our website so that we can share this with our local community and all those who have an interest in this field”.



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