Date is set for the Big Channel Islands Beach Clean

The 4th Annual Big Channel Islands Beach Clean is asking us all to #loveyourbeach this Valentines weekend, with beach cleans set to take place in Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark on 11-13 February.  The event promises to be bigger than ever this year thanks to the support of sponsors HIGHVERN who are encouraging corporates, community groups and islanders to brave the cold weather for the sake of their beaches and to protect island marine life.

Now in its fourth year, the beach clean series has been organised by a group of charitable bodies including Littlefeet Environmental, the National Trust for Jersey, Alderney Wildlife Trust, La Societe Sercquise and the Clean Earth Trust.

Courtney Farmer, Jersey event organiser and co-founder of Littlefeet Environmental, said: “We are very fortunate this year to have the backing of HIGHVERN as our sponsors who will not only be helping us to spread the message to rally more support, but who will allow us to clean more beaches throughout the Channel Islands thanks to their crew of volunteers.”

Whilst the Channel Islands are famed for some of the cleanest beaches in the world, they are not immune to the effects of tidal flow which can often see plastic and debris washed up from all over the globe. As well as purging beaches of all litter, the organising charities will also be recording the types of rubbish collected to analyse their impact on marine life.

Martin Hall, Managing Director of HIGHVERN, said: “As we continue to grow our ESG commitments and sustainability efforts, protecting our home and island way of life is one of our top priorities. Cleaning up our beaches is a great way to get outdoors and the whole family can get involved. As it’s Valentines weekend perhaps you could even make it a date and show our islands some love.”

Participants are encouraged to bring their own cleaning equipment and will be offered free teas and coffees. For more information and details of the beach clean events in each island please visit the Facebook event page – 4th Annual Big Channel Islands Beach Clean.

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