Used widely by those with a civil law background and often in the context of philanthropic activity, a foundation is an incorporated body with separate legal personality able to hold assets and transact in its own right.

Foundations are very flexible structures that are used widely and effectively by families across the globe looking for an efficient mechanism to transfer wealth from one generation to the next. 

Created by a founder and operated by a trusted council in accordance with the stated objects, foundations have features in common with both trusts and companies and are able to hold a wide variety of assets directly or indirectly. 

Each foundation is tailored to the specific objectives and needs of the client situation whether that be wealth preservation, philanthropic priorities, asset protection, tax planning or corporate structuring.

Governed by the Foundations (Jersey) Law, Jersey foundations have a legal and regulatory background of checks and balances, supported by internationally recognised regulation and stability. 

With 50 years of experience of creating and administering fiduciary structures, our team of experts are able to assist with the creation and all aspects of the ongoing administration of foundations whether this is as an orphan structure or as part of a wider multi-faceted planning solution.

Services include:

  • Formation and acting as council members of the foundation
  • Provision of qualified member for charitable foundations
  • Provision of business address
  • Full accounting and financial reporting
  • Maintenance of statutory records
  • Management of all compliance related reporting e.g. FATCA & CRS

Key Features

Internationally recognised for inter-generational wealth transfer
Separate legal personality of each foundation
Tailored in line with each client's situation and objectives
Access to a highly experienced team of professionals
Civil law solution translated into common law
Orphan vehicle for funds, SPVs & private trust companies

Key Contact

Philip Carlton

Client Director
+44 (0) 1534 480 610