The Human Factor: Why tailored service matters now more than ever

By Martin Hall, Managing Director

The current pandemic has strengthened the need for human connection both in and out of a corporate environment, leaving those of us in the financial services industry to ponder how we can do more to meet changing expectations. Along with technological advancements which will allow clients to access information and manage their affairs more easily and immediately, wealth management practitioners are finding themselves drawn to offering an even more personally tailored service to remain ahead of the curve. So what is triggering this change and what does it mean for our industry?

For many years now we have been moving away from a ‘one size fits all’ solution, with HIGHVERN rarely being asked for a standard private trust or fund model. But the circumstances of the last year, coupled with advancements in technology and the market demands has seen the emergence of an altogether different offering – one that is almost hyper-personalised. Now, and consistent with our vision of ‘Setting New Standards’, every opportunity is taken to provide a unique experience for the client, from service delivery to communications and even corporate gifts, anticipating exactly what service it is the client needs. Trustees and administrators need to be agile in balancing the advantages of digital platforms whilst not losing sight of the human experience which connects us all.

Taking the time to get to know our clients well not only allows us to forge long-term and successful relationships, but enables us to anticipate our clients’ needs, providing an all-round superior service. With each client requiring a tailored service, communication and reporting, the key is being flexible in our approach, learning to adapt quickly. Catering to individual attitudes to wealth such as ESG requirements, religious beliefs and unique family dynamics are now all part of providing a rounded solution, with client expectations only continuing to grow.

Despite new AI, automation and digital enhancements which add benefit to both the client and the organisation, there can be no doubt that the human touch remains the biggest connecting factor and the greatest tool in any financial organisation’s armoury. Firms will be expected to interpret data and use technology to enhance the service their clients receive, rather than distance them from human beings. The growth, success and development of HIGHVERN has been rooted in people and the partnerships we build with our clients, intermediary partners and counterparts in the sector. We aim to hire the best talent and to match each client with a team that will suit their individual needs. Having a client centric approach and a long-term view in mind has then led to higher levels of client retention and satisfaction.

Going all out to offer a truly tailored experience allows us to differentiate ourselves in a crowded marketplace, delivering simple solutions that will make our clients’ lives easier and instil confidence that their assets are in safe and capable hands. We remain excited by the opportunities the future presents, utilising developments and technology whilst remaining true to our core principle of providing a higher standard of service, through a personalised and expertise human touch.

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