Prospective Highvern Employees – Privacy Information Notice

You have indicated that you wish to apply for employment (Application) within the Highvern group of companies (Highvern).

In order to consider your Application Highvern needs to collect processes and possibly share data that relates to you, which is attributable to you personally and which could be used to identify you (Personal Data).  Under the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018, Highvern has a number of obligations in relation to Personal Data.  These obligations include ensuring that such Personal Data is accurate, that it is kept securely, that it is collected and processed lawfully and that it is only shared with other organisations that implement similar safeguards.

The purpose of this notice is to inform you of the types of Personal Data that Highvern will obtain from you during the course of considering your Application, what we will do with that Personal Data, the organisations with whom we might share that Personal Data and your main rights in respect of that Personal Data.  It is also to obtain your explicit informed consent to these things.

What Personal Data will we hold and on what basis will we hold it?
In order to consider your Application for employment Highvern requires Personal Data in relation to you.  This Personal Data is largely initially collected at or around the time that you you’re your Application and will be maintained throughout the period of the Application. Should the Application be successful and lead to you accepting an offer of employment with Highvern then that Personal Data (as well as further Personal Data that we will need to administer your employment with us) will be kept by Highvern.  Should your Application prove unsuccessful then the Personal Data collected will be destroyed within six months of the end of the Application process unless both you and we agree otherwise.

The Personal Data which Highvern will collect and process for the purposes of your Application include some or all of the following:

Your name
Your residential addresses (current and historical)
Your date of birth
Town of birth
Country of birth
Your telephone numbers
Your e-mail addresses
Your passport/identification card numbers
Your image
Your mother’s maiden name
Social Security Number or equivalent
Tax ID number
Details in relation to your bank account
Details in relation to your employer and employment history
Details in relation to your education history
Details in relation to your family and next of kin
Data recorded on your entry and exit to Highvern’s buildings on CTV cameras located in the lobby of the second floor, in the reception on the third floor and on the security fob access systems throughout Highvern’s building.

Purposes for which Personal Data is collected
The purpose for which we will collect and process your Personal Data is, as noted above, to facilitate your Application.

Sharing Personal Data
We only share your Personal Data with other organisations for one of two reasons – (i) because we are legally obliged to or (ii) because doing so allows us to evaluate your Application for employment with Highvern.  We do not share your Personal Data with anybody else for marketing purposes (either ours or those of the relevant third party).

Organisations who we might be legally obliged to share your Personal Data in certain circumstances are essentially governmental authorities – e.g. regulators.  Whilst sharing information with these bodies is compulsory, data protection rules also apply to them and your Personal Data should be as secure with them as it is with us.

The other organisations with whom we may share your Personal Data in order to evaluate your Application fall into the following broad categories:

(i) referees (e.g. previous employees);
(ii) governmental and other agencies that provide the facility to conduct criminal or similar record searches;
(iii) credit rating agencies; and
(iv) legal or other professional advisors where necessary.

In each case Highvern will ensure that any such organisation is bound by similar rules relating to data security and, in the case of organisations outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), have entered into specific contractual terms with us to ensure that they treat your Personal Data in a way equivalent to that in which they would be required to do so were they established within the EEA.

Your Rights in respect of Personal Data
The new legislation specifically confers a number of rights on you in relation to your Personal Data that Highvern will collect, process and share in the manner described above.  These include:

(i) a right to require us to tell you what Personal Data we hold in respect of you and what we’re doing with it;
(ii) a right to ask to have that Personal Data corrected if it is inaccurate; and
(iii) a right to ask us to erase your Personal Data from its records if there is no longer a legitimate reason for us to hold that Personal Data.

If you become aware of the fact that the personal data we hold in respect of you becomes inaccurate during the course of your Application you should inform Highvern of this immediately.

Finally, if at any stage you become dissatisfied with the manner in which Highvern collects, holds or processes your Personal Data you have the right to complain to the Data Protection Authority (DPA).  The DPA is the statutory regulator established in Jersey in May 2018 to oversee data protection matters and whose job includes the enforcement of the data protection rules.

If you have any questions or concerns in relation to the contents of this letter please approach either your HR contact or, alternatively, Marc Guillaume who is Highvern’s Data Protection Officer.

I confirm that I have read and understood the contents of this notice and I explicitly consent to Highvern collecting, holding, processing and sharing my Personal Data as described herein.

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