Latest Update: 24th September 2020

In line with Jersey Government guidance, Highvern has taken the appropriate measures for a limited number of staff to return to work within the Highvern office space. This decision has been taken in the best interests of our clients and staff members. A full risk assessment has been undertaken to underpin our return, approved by our Boards. Some staff continue to work from home for the time being and our remote working arrangements remain highly effective. Therefore, we continue to be fully operational and all staff members are contactable in the usual way.

Our priority is to provide a safe and secure working environment for our staff whilst at the same time continuing to serve our clients in accordance with the high standards of care and skill that are ordinarily expected from us.

Highvern is not currently open to outside visitors. However, for those who have pre-approved permission to enter the Highvern office, clear markings have been made throughout the building to help guide you and ensure your safety at all times.  Please speak to your usual contact if pre-approval is considered necessary but it will only be authorised, exceptionally, by a Group Director or our Head of Facilities.

The following additional rules set out below have been put in place in order to create a safe environment, therefore we kindly ask that they are adhered to at all times:

Accessing the Building
·         Enter the building only through the Highvern Don Street entrance.
·         Please press the door buzzer to speak to reception and gain access to the main entrance.
·         Once inside, hand sanitiser is available – everyone must sanitise their hands upon entry.
·         Unless otherwise requested, please wait within the entrance hall whilst your contact comes to greet you.

If Travelling Up and Down the Lift/Staircase (please note a valid pass must be used).
·         Ascend via the lift where possible, noting that only one person is permitted in the lift at any one time.
·         Descend via the staircase where possible.
·         Do not pass on the stairwell itself.

Exiting the Building
·         Exit the building via the rear ground floor corridor.
·         Please adhere to the one way system on the ground floor when exiting the building.

For any enquiries, please contact us here.

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