For corporates, private individuals or family offices, escrow arrangements are a frequent means of mitigating financial risk. HIGHVERN can deliver a range of escrow services efficiently and effectively to help ensure that commercial negotiations complete securely accurately and on time.

Increasingly clients require escrow agents who are completely independent and do not provide other services such as banking, investment or legal advisory, to the parties involved. It is also recommended that the escrow provider appointed is regulated in a highly reputable jurisdiction. Funds may need to be held for a length of time and therefore their financial suitability would also need to be a key consideration. A secure data site might also be necessary together with regular reconciliation of escrow holdings and reporting to escrow parties.

HIGHVERN’s experienced team can provide technical expertise and working knowledge, providing assurance of a timely, smooth closing. We can assist from the initial negotiations, through to the final release, providing a clear review of the agreement setting out the terms for both parties and the detailed conditions of the transaction which will result in the release of the assets held. Our team can collate all due diligence requirements and our market-leading technology can provide secure data storage. Taking advantage of our preferred relationships with 3rd party international banks we can also source specific escrow bank accounts and, should funds be held for any length of time, seek to negotiate favourable credit interest. We are well-versed in the obligations for safeguarding the funds and /or documents in our care and can provide detailed accounts of all funds held as and when necessary.

Key Features

Independent drafting/review of the escrow terms
Completion of all regulatory due diligence
Provision of electronic secure data storage
Transfer and deposit services as required
Key transaction indemnity arrangments
Real estate transactions, M&A, project delivery

Key Contact

Naomi Rive

Group Director & Head of Private Wealth
+44 (0) 1534 480 601